01. About

Lean and Agile Methods.
Focused Outcomes.

JPGreze is ready to bring your idea to life,
using the latest choice techniques and technologies.


We understand the pressures of running a business in today’s environment.


Coming alongside you and working together on your quest is our modus operandi.


We know you wouldn’t settle for second best, and neither would we.


Matthew VahlbergFounder
Software Engineer

Breanna WheelerArt Director
Graphic Artist

Jim Cannaliato

Jim CannaliatoTech Fellow
Drone Enthusiast

03. Services

Your expert partner throughout the process.

Concept Design

Breathe life into your idea.


It’s about more than just the logo.


Specializing in WooCommerce and Shopify.

Software Engineering

Java, MapReduce, Hadoop, HDFS, Meteor, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Fortran, etc.

Mobile. Web. Desktop

Be where the customers are.

Hosting Solutions

Simple hosting. WordPress. Amazon Web Services. Google AppEngine. Azure. Rackspace.

Our Process

Going from starting concept to established legacy

Creative ideas are great. Does the solution fit a real problem?

0.1Dream It

Nothing sells itself. Is there a market for the offering?

0.2Nail It

There comes a time when a dollar invested becomes a predictable multipler received.

0.3Scale It

Great organizations must be built as an efficient operation and lasting organization.

0.4Achieve It


There’s more than one way to shoe a horse …

Fixed Price
$ / Project
  • Well defined specification
  • Clear acceptance criteria
  • Pre-established practice
  • Short-term in nature
  • Deliverable work product
Fee Simple
$ / Week
  • Flexibile engagement
  • Adjust course as needed
  • Exploratory research
  • Longer-term engagement
  • Intellectual Property delivered
  • We’re done when you’re done
Equity Sharing
% / Transaction
  • Select projects
  • Aligned interests
  • Skilled partner

04. Current Project

Never satisfied.

Park Deli, Severna Park
  • Started: October 2014
  • Webpage: http://www.goparkdeli.com
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/goparkdeli
Services Provided:
  • Concept Design
  • Branding
  • Graphics Design
  • Advertising: Google, Facebook, Yelp …
  • E-Commerce
  • SEO
  • Mobile Development
  • Consulting

Our Calling

Over the years, members of our team have contributed their time, treasure or talents.
Let us bring a similar sense of passion to your organization..


It’d be our pleasure, to hear from you

Get in Touch

So many ways to communicate these days. Take your pick!

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  • Address: 221 Najoles Rd #802, Millersville, MD 21108 USA
  • Phone: +1 (443) 494-9192

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